Neymar was forced to pay €6.7million
Neymar was forced to pay €6.7million
Neymar was forced to pay €6.7million
EPL English Premier LeagueNeymar was forced to pay €6.7million

Neymar was forced to pay €6.7million

Neymar was forced to pay €6.7million (£6.1 m) for his old club Barcelona.

After leaving in August 2017, the Paris Saint-Germain forward reported that the La Liga giants had owed him €43.6million in loyalty rewards.

But a Spanish court ruled for the former employers of Neymar, who made a counterclaim that he owed them some money.

Camp Nou officials reported Friday’s outcome of almost three years of legal back and forth and said they were “satisfied.”

Neymar has been linked to a switch back to Barcelona since last summer when it is understood that negotiations have run out of time.

It is assumed that the Brazilian told his PSG team-mates of his wish to return to the side he lifted the Champions League with.

Neymar was forced to pay €6.7million

Nevertheless, the financial repercussions of the coronavirus crisis seem to have hindered his expectations of a forthcoming movie.
The judge’s decision will come to the Catalan club as a welcome relief, which is currently € 200 million worse off due to the outbreak.

Because of its high wage bill and reliance on matchday revenue and tourism, Barcelona has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic.

While becoming the richest club in the country, the members decided to take a 70 percent pay cut to make up the difference for the duration of the lockout.

A club statement read: “FC Barcelona expresses its satisfaction with the verdict announced today in Barcelona by Social Court 15 regarding the case involving FC Barcelona and the player Neymar Jr concerning the amount of the signing bonus in the final extension of the player’s contract.


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