Richarlison Acrobatic Bicycle Goal Fifa World Cup 2022
Richarlison Acrobatic Bicycle Goal Fifa World Cup 2022
Richarlison Acrobatic Bicycle Goal Fifa World Cup 2022
World CupRicharlison Acrobatic Bicycle Goal Fifa World Cup 2022

Richarlison Acrobatic Bicycle Goal Fifa World Cup 2022

World Cup Match Update – Brazilian footballer Richarlison is scoring a spectacular acrobatic bicycle kick goal during the FIFA World Cup. It is during their 2022 campaign against Serbia on November 24th in Lusail, Qatar. As a result, the South American team, who won 2-0, was Brazil. To clarify, the two goals for Brazil were scored by Richarlison. The Spurs forward scored two goals within 11 minutes of the game ending. The first one came in the 62nd minute and the second 11 minutes later, which was an acrobatic bicycle goal.

In conclusion, Brazil beat Serbia 2-0 in the FIFA World Cup on Thursday, 24 November 2022. Similarly, as they did in the previous round as well. They won in a similar way both times around. In Brazil, Richarlison scored both of their goals in the second half, the player with the number nine.

In the first half of play, there were no goals scored as both teams battled it out defensively. But after the tactic switched to attacking, Brazil demonstrated its quality. The star-filled attack —consisting of Vinicius Jr., Neymar Jr., and Rafael with Richarlison up front— generated a flurry of opportunities. In the 62nd minute of the game, they make the first goal against Serbia.

All The Goal In the Second Half Time

The first goal of the game got Brazil going and they intensified their game leading to a deserved victory. In the 73rd minute of the game, Richarlison scored the second goal. His second goal of the game was set up by Real Madrid attacker Vinicius Jr. He pass the ball to Richarlison, touch His left foot and bounce the first time above His head. Make Him jump and spin around to kick the ball with His right foot in the air. Awesome acrobatic bicycle goal in FIFA World Cup 2022. This will be an amazing goal to remember in His lifetime.

His acrobatic goal is surely the best goal of the FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament so far. Following their victory over Serbia, Brazil has achieved the top spot in Group G with three points and a goal difference of 2. Brazil will have a duel with Switzerland after this. If Brazil wants to get into the next round of 16, they must win.

What Is an Acrobatic Bicycle Goal in a Soccer Match?

A bicycle kick, or overhead kick in football, is a player’s acrobatic strike to the ball that sends it flipping once in mid-air and landing on its point. In many sports, the kick is an action performed by a player who is airborne. In some games, it can be attempted at any point in the game. Some soccer historians believe Ramon Unzaga invented the bicycle kick in 1914 in Santiago, Chile. Others believe the bicycle kick may have originated in 1892 when a Peruvian game player scored a goal off of one against British sailors. Even legendarily Brazilian striker Leonidas claims to have invented the move in 1932.

How to Do a Bicycle Kick in Football Match?

For a bicycle kick to be executed properly, one needs to fall backward and then kick the ball up and over themselves in the opposite direction, they were facing. It catches the opponents off-guard because they don’t expect this move.

To start the motion of the classic bicycle kick, lift your non-dominant foot and push off the ground with your kicking foot. The higher you can lift your non-kicking foot, the better because this will help you gain the momentum necessary to complete a successful move.

As you kick your leg forward and commit to the ball, try to lose momentum by throwing your body backward. Be careful not to throw back too early or shake around too much; it’s best to just flop back down on the ground. Be sure to focus on the kick, and don’t fall back very quickly. Try to make contact with the ball.

As momentum carries you backward. Use your other foot to push off the ground and try to bring it back down toward the ball. At once, bring the opposite foot, which is in the air after you jump off of it and kick at the ball.

Drive the ball straight back behind you using the pressure of your heel at the top of your foot. Ideally, you want to hit the ball on the opposite side of your goal and not on the bottom of it. If this happens, it can cause the ball to go sky-high.

Extend your arms to the sides, to better mitigate the fall shock. Spread them wide to reduce pressure on your back and hips. Avoid tilting backward too quickly. Some players like to take the bump with their side when it comes. Practice some bicycle kicks and see what your preference is.

Highlight Video: Brazil vs Serbia – FIFA World Cup 2022

Watch the video highlight of Brazil vs Serbia in the FIFA World Cup 2022 below, and see the Richarlison acrobatic bicycle goal for the perfect example of it.

Richarlison Acrobatic Bicycle Goal Fifa World Cup 2022
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