Spain's handball champion result is out
Spain's handball champion result is out
Spain's handball champion result is out
EPL English Premier LeagueSpain's handball champion result is out

Spain’s handball champion result is out

Barcelona is Spain’s handball champion after it was announced there that the tournament will not proceed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The championship was cut short on 14 March, with 11 rounds leading by 38 points, five more than Ademar Leon, and eight more than Logrono La Rioja before the end of Barcelona.

Spain's handball champion result is out

The Spanish Handball Federation president said in a video that they took an exceptional decision after a three and a half-hour meeting because of the situation they are currently facing.

“This is a peculiar situation in both sports and culture as a whole. We’ve done our job, and this decision to announce the winner wasn’t in our hands,” Barcelona coach Xavier Pascual told club television. “We’d rather have the season ended on the floor and the outcome was a reflection of what happened on the field, but we’ve been successful both season.”

The Bera Bera players were proclaimed champions in the women’s championship, who were also winners on the table before the end of the competition. Cindric, a midfielder, came to Barcelona last summer and spent the last 50 days training individually as other players did.

The Catalan club started its ascent in 2011, when it ended Ciudad Real’s four-year rule, later renamed Atlético Madrid. The economic crisis had come down to handball at the time, so Atlético was shut down in 2013.

Barcelona has already won six titles this season, having previously reached World Cup Championship Cup, King Cup, ASOBAL Cup, Spanish Super Cup, and Catalonia Super Cup.

He won’t watch games this season anymore. The European Handball Federation has decided that the Final Four Champions League will be played alongside Barcelona on December 28-29, with Paris SG, Kiel, and Veszprém.

This season, as the championship was cut off due to coronaviruses, neither club will be relegated to the first Spanish league but two of the best from the second league will join. The Spanish league will have 18 clubs in its current 16 next season.


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