The country is Germany.
The country is Germany.
The country is Germany.
EPL English Premier LeagueThe country is Germany.

The country is Germany.

Possible new semi-final venue and Champions League final. As confirmed by the Corriere Dello Sport, UEFA is preparing to compete in the competition’s last three games, in August, in Germany, and more in Istanbul, where it was originally scheduled for in the final.

Germany is the country which is broken down for the first time and which has very high safety standards: for this, this possible solution is also checked.

The Atatürk Olympic Stadium as the venue of one of the most dramatic Champions League finals of all time will hold its place in soccer history forever. It staged “The Istanbul Miracle” in 2005, where Liverpool rallied from a 3-0 halftime deficit to beat AC Milan.

Sadly, the Olympic Stadium in Atatürk may soon become popular for something else: not staging the final’s 2020 edition.

If not for the COVID-19 outbreak, this coming weekend, UEFA’s showpiece event will be held in Istanbul.

If the Champions League has to be concluded meaningfully, there’s a better solution for the remaining games than Istanbul or a mishmash of locations.

The country is Germany.

There is a nation that has already demonstrated its ability to safely restart football. A nation that has used mass training and a prudent approach to safety procedures to significantly minimize the risk of sportive events being held.

It is obvious that currently, no European nation is better suited to playing the beautiful game. It makes sense for the competition to be concluded in a centralized location to reduce the risk of spreading the virus through travel.

The Spanish outlet AS announced that the Champions League aims to resume in a “text” format on 8 August.

Sky Sport Italia says the UEFA wants to restart the Champions League on 7 and 8 August with the missing return legs from the last 16.

Barcelona-Napoli and Juventus-Lyon are among the matches to end before the competition begins with a one-legged knockout round in the quarter-finals on 13 and 14 August.

A shortened edition with a Final Four has already been debated in Istanbul, Turkey.


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