Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan revealed he was horrified by more than 5000 pieces of feedback received from fans attending the Champions League final in Paris. The club set up an online forum for fans to send in their experiences at the stadium with Hogan saying there were experiences that no one should have to face. The final was delayed by 36 minutes which UEFA earlier blamed on the late arrival of fans.

“There isn’t a lot of detail at this stage, it’s an evolving process obviously, but we want to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken to get the facts about what happened on Saturday in Paris,” Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan said about the Champions League final. “I’ve spent time over the course of today reviewing some of the information and, honestly, I’m horrified by the way some men, women, children – able-bodied, less able-bodied – have been indiscriminately treated over the course of Saturday.”

“I do think it’s important to recognize we’ve all been rightly focused on the access issues at Stade de France; I think it’s also important we don’t lose sight of what happened after the match. I think we’ve all seen videos, photos, I’ve read a number of stories of absolutely horrific experiences leaving the stadium as well – crimes being committed, muggings taking place,” he added. “Nobody should experience what our fans experienced both before or after the match. In our minds, obviously, this is wholly unacceptable, which is why it’s important we create this body of experiences, which clearly must be included in the independent investigation.”

“This may just be a difference in language, but in our mind, we requested an independent investigation rather than an independent report. So, again, detail is really important here and we’ll be following up with UEFA on that over the coming days,” Hogan concluded.

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