French interior minister Gerald Darmanin apologized to Liverpool fans for the scenes before the Champions League final against Real Madrid. Initially, Liverpool fans were blamed by the authorities for the chaos when a number of supporters were tear-gassed by police. France’s sports minister Amelie Oudea-Castera and Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin both blamed the ticketless fans for the half an hour delay.

“Could the Stade de France have been better managed? The answer is yes,” French interior minister Gerald Darmanin said to Liverpool fans for the chaos during the Champions League. “Do I have some responsibility for that? The answer is yes. I apologize to those who suffered from this poor management. It is certain we have changes to make to the organization.”

“No one should underestimate the significance of this. One week after the truth was told by the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association and ourselves an apology has followed,” Spirit of Shankly said. “While this is obviously welcome as a first and much-needed positive step, deflecting blame is not acceptable and greater sincerity is still required. Our basic demand remains unaltered – a fully independent investigation is essential.”

“It is obviously a failure. It was a failure because people were pushed around and attacked. It was a failure because the image of the country was undermined,” Paris police chief Didier Lallement said. “Perhaps I was wrong. Whether there were 40,000, 30,000, or 20,000, it didn’t change the fact that there were tens of thousands of people who could not fit in. There were 300 or 400 people who did not seem to be fans. I don’t know if they were people from the housing estates around the stadium. Is this a type of delinquent population that we meet in Seine-Saint-Denis? Yes, it happens, but we also meet them in the north of Paris.”

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