The French interior minister Gerald Darmanin believes that fraud at an industrial level during the Champions League final was solely responsible for the chaos. It was reported that 70 percent of the tickets entering the Stade de France were fake. The showpiece event started after a delay of 38 minutes as the police held back the public forcing their way into the French stadium.

“At 21:00, when the match was supposed to start, 97 percent of the Spanish supporters were present, only 50 percent of the British supporters had got into their section which does show the difficulties that arose only from the entrance relating to the Liverpool supporters and not the other entrances,” Gerald Darmanin blamed ticketless fans for the delay of the Champions League final. “There was massive fraud to an industrial level and organization of fake tickets because the pre-filtering by the Stade de France and the French football federation saw that 70 percent of tickets were fake.”

“Once through the pre-filtering stage, 15 percent of tickets were fake, more than 2,600 were non-validated tickets even though they’d gone through the first filtering,” he added. “The massive presence of these fake tickets was the issue which meant there were delays. There were 29 arrests that took place within the Stade de France and more than half of those arrests were British supporters because they’d intruded inside the Stade de France.”

“Some people had bought tickets and were deprived of a match and we would like to say how sorry we are to all those people because their Saturday night experience was completely spoiled,” sports minister Amelie Oudea-Castera said. “We have asked UEFA those people should be identified and could be compensated soon to try and overcome their frustration. The major central point is to really understand precisely what happened during this massive fraud as far as the ticketing is concerned.”

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