Liverpool fans have accused the French interior minister Gerald Darmanin to resign after lying about the Champions League chaos outside the Stade de France. Chairman of the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association Ted Morris recently gave a horrifying description of the events that took place outside the stadium before the Champions League final. Darmanin initially blamed the Liverpool supporters for trying to enter with fake tickets.

“With my wife, we love France and Paris, but you, Mr. Darmanin, you lied and I ask you to withdraw your accusation. And if you have the decency to do so, I hope you have the decency to resign,” Chairman of the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association Ted Morris said about the Champions League final chaos. “She was lifted by Liverpool fans over the gates because the stewards refused to open the doors for her. Once outside, she was sprayed with tear gas on her way to the station.”

“A major catastrophe has been avoided. No power was able to come to the aid of the disabled supporters,” he added. “Disabled fans were treated like animals. My wife and I didn’t care about the game anymore at this stage. We left in the 86th minute and the steward told us we couldn’t get out because some locals were still trying to go into the stadium. In the underpass – at the exit of the stadium under the gaze of the police, a few minutes later – locals attacked us and it was terrifying, especially for the disabled supporters. As we walked toward the station we hoped that the police would intervene. It’s the worst football experience.”

“The behavior of the Liverpool supporters has been exemplary,” Joe Blott said. “We demand an apology and a retraction of the lies being told and for the supporters who will be traveling to the Rugby World Cup and to the Olympics, a fair investigation.”

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