England boss Gareth Southgate has praised Germany for their decision to take a knee before their Nations League meeting in Munich. The English team was jeered when they did so during their 1-0 defeat against Hungary in Budapest. It was a sad sight as the majority of the 30,000 fans in attendance were children. Hungary was ordered to play three games behind closed doors for the racist behavior of their fans during Euro 2020. The German team also took a knee when they faced England at the Euros last year.

“We will go down on our knees together with the English because we want to support this whole initiative,” German midfielder Ilkay Gundogan said. “We did this last year at the Euros and, of course, we will do it tomorrow too.”

“It wouldn’t be right to not pick the players you think are best to take them because of what the possible consequences of them missing would be,” Southgate said. “I’ve got to pick them on the belief they are going to score.”

“We’ve got 55 years of talking about penalties and everything else, so we’ve now got another layer that’s going to make it extremely difficult for us to win anything,” England boss Gareth Southgate said about the decision by Germany to take a knee. “I’m trying to balance whether the question is about the racism itself, which is abhorrent and unacceptable, and what you’re identifying, that there’s another layer of complexity in making that decision.”

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