England boss Gareth Southgate believes that Germany is still the benchmark for England to end their quest of winning a major tournament. England will face Germany in their second group stage game after they were beaten by Hungary 1-0. England beat Germany for the first time in 55 years at Wembley in the Euros to help secure their place in the knockout stage.

“For me, Germany and Brazil are still the benchmarks in terms of countries who have regularly and consistently won tournaments,” England boss Gareth Southgate said. “Everyone will talk about the 5-1 here, but they ended up in the World Cup final on the back of that World Cup qualifying campaign. You have to respect what they have been and what they are as a country, in footballing terms. That mentality is what we’re trying to create. We’ve got to keep trying to get to the latter stages of the competition and games like tomorrow are brilliant for us. It is exactly the kind of test we need.”

“I think it’s a great measure for us. This will be a brilliant test of where we are at at this particular moment in time,” he added. “But it won’t define where we are in five months’ time. If we beat them tomorrow, that doesn’t mean we will be fine in five months. A lot will happen in that period. But one of our hardest challenges a couple of years ago for the team was that we had got to a World Cup semi-final, but could we beat the bigger teams? Since then, we have won in Spain, we have beat Belgium in Wembley and we have beaten Germany. We are starting to get those results and we have to continue trying to do that.”

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