England defender Lucy Bronze is confident that the home support will help spur the team on at Euro 2022. She revealed that the team has been talking to the men’s side about their experiences at Euro 2020. The Men’s and Women’s teams have been spending time together as they trained at St George’s Park. The latter has reached the semi-finals of the last three major tournaments they have been a part of.

“I think the best and biggest players want to play with that, want to play in those games, with the full stadium. And I think we’re trying to see it as just a lot of support. It’s our 12th man, hopefully,” England defender Lucy Bronze said. “We saw what a difference it made to the men’s team last year and we’ve actually spoken to a lot of them in the past week about their experiences and what a difference it made, kind of being that home nation – even though they technically weren’t, but they were. Obviously, they made the final so I think that’s something that we kind of want to replicate and use to our advantage.”

“It’s a nice atmosphere because I feel like both teams have gelled really well, which in the past I don’t think has really happened. They’re just our peers and they see us the same,” she added. “No, I wouldn’t settle for that – I wouldn’t take it to penalties, we’d win the game in normal time!”

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