A survey by UEFA revealed that England was one of the most abused teams during the Euro 2022 group stages along with Spain, France, and Italy. UEFA had launched a monitoring portal to report and remedy any cases of abuse on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. There were a total of 618 posts reported from 528 individual accounts and flagged for review.

“UEFA is liaising closely with major social media platforms such as Twitter, Meta [Instagram and Facebook], and TikTok on these matters,” UEFA said in a statement after a survey showed England to be one of the most abused teams at Euro 2022. “In addition, it engages proactively with participating teams, briefing them ahead of the tournament and following each match, and engages in frequent dialogue with social platforms on available steps to protect players, referees and officials from online abuse.”

“Our main goal is always to protect our game. It is great to see the project in action and I am pleased that we can already see the concrete impact this is having based on the numbers from the group stage,” UEFA director of football and social responsibility, Michele Uva said. “Posts are being identified and removed and we hope that this gives players, coaches, and referees the possibility to be protected by UEFA. Our next steps are to work proactively to prevent, report, and facilitate the removal of abusive posts and comments, and we recognize our responsibility and role in this. We will continue to share insights in the last part of our fantastic EURO and in future UEFA events.”

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