Germany midfielder Jamal Musiala revealed that he hopes to take his game up a notch during the Nations League. Musiala decided to represent his birth country in February over England. He spent most of his childhood in England during his spell in the academies of Southampton and Chelsea. The youngster joined Bayern Munich from Chelsea in 2019 and has gone on to become the youngest player in the club’s history as well as the youngest goalscorer.

“We play a very attacking game with Julian Nagelsmann at Bayern, sometimes with only three at the back and many attackers in the front. It’s all about control, positioning on the ball, but also good counter-pressing to win the ball back immediately after losing it,” Germany midfielder Jamal Musiala said. “Hansi Flick’s style of play with Germany is more aggressive than it was when he was at Bayern. We want to win the ball back high up the pitch to start attacks. It also means the opposition is further away from the goal. We practice our high pressing a lot in training. I’m desperate to perform well and make myself part of that squad – my first World Cup would be an amazing feeling. I want to take it up a notch, more physicality, stamina, get into better goalscoring positions, and defensive discipline.”

“Dribbling in tight spaces, close control, beating players is something I’ve always liked to do. I have trained these movements since I was little with my dad. He encouraged me to take on and beat players – and I have always kept that with me,” he added. “In Germany, we have a league in the academy from under-10s, whereas in England we don’t have a league until under-18s. You have a lot less pressure and more time to develop yourself and you can play a lot freer. With the tactics here in Germany you get taught to win at a young age.”

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