Germany Women striker Alexandra Popp is one of the most recognizable faces in women’s football with a number of achievements and accolades to her name. The Euro 2022 marks her first appearance at the European Championships after missing out on the 2013 and 2017 editions through injury. She was part of the Olympic squad that won gold in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

“At the time, I did of course. In 2013, we became European champions, so maybe I would have had that on my CV already. That would have been nice,” Germany Women striker Alexandra Popp said. “It’s no use thinking about it for years, dwelling on it, so to speak. I have to accept things as they are. I have also met it head-on with a fighting spirit by standing right here and being able to play in this European Championship. I’m very proud of this at the moment.”

“It looked like this tournament was going to look bad for Popp as well. She was injured until the beginning of the year, she had Covid at the training camp in June,” Lisa de Ruiter said. “But she got to fit in time and started the tournament perfectly with three goals in three games. Popp is very important to the team. Not just on the pitch, but also off the pitch. She can help the young players enormously with her experience. She is a powerful woman who sets the mood and is a real team player. She is a special personality and therefore one of the best-known and most successful players in Germany. Everyone knows and likes ‘Poppi’ – that’s her nickname in Germany.”

“Popp had a torn ligament in 2013 and decided to play the Champions League final back then. She missed the European Championship because of the injury,” she added. “Although she won the triple with Wolfsburg, she missed the title with the national team.”

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