Hope Powell was the head coach of England Women the last time an international tournament was held on British soil. Back in 2005, the game was not yet entirely professionalized with the visibility extremely low. Despite this, the England Women were cheered on by 30,000 people at the Manchester stadium. With the landscape changed, Powell believes that the England Women have a perfect platform for Euro 2022.

“It’s been a team effort. It’s so accessible now, which has really helped in terms of galvanizing fans. The product is better than it has ever been. The appetite for women’s football is the best I’ve ever known in my lifetime. It feels like a really good moment for women’s football in this country,” former England Women head coach Hope Powell said. “You could feel the change. But what that change was, and where it would land, I could never have imagined it would be in the place it is now. It’s testimony to all the hard work that’s been done over the years.”

“The expectation is huge. Categorically, the expectation will be for England to win it,” she added. “There has been a huge amount of investment in the game. The talent pool we have now, based historically on what has been achieved with the academy programs – the RTC as they are called now – laid the foundation for young players coming through. They have the best opportunity to develop as players and we’re seeing the result of that. I believe we’ve got some exceptional young talent.”

“The competition for places is rife because of the ability among the group. The support the squad has now is second to none. It’s very different from how it was in my day, different in a positive way. It gives them the absolute best chance of performing on a world stage,” she continued. “The experiences of some of those young players, the experiences they’ve already had, will hold them in good stead going into this tournament.”

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