The Jamaica Football Federation General Secretary Dalton Wint resigned after the team refused to play until he did so. A number of players including Leon Bailey posted a statement about their grievances that needed to change. They drew 1-1 with Suriname on Saturday but their travel back to Jamaica was not arranged. They face Suriname in their return leg in Jamaica and players claimed that the visiting team had arrived before them. They also revealed that poor travel arrangements saw the players sleeping in couch beds during their time in Suriname. On one occasion, Ravel Morrison and Shamar Nicholson did not join the team.

“We’re stuck in Suriname and our flight arrangements are yet to be confirmed. To make matters worse, we also found out that the Suriname national team will be arriving in Jamaica before us,” the players from Jamaica said in a statement calling for Dalton Wint to resign. “This has been another example of the incompetence displayed by the leaders of the JFF ( Jamaica Football Federation). We haven’t been prepared to be successful and when we’re not, we the players get all the blame.” 

“Time and time again the JFF shows us that they don’t care about the players or the state of Jamaican football,” the statement added. “We the players are saying enough is enough, we need change, we need better leadership, we are calling for the general secretary Dalton Wint to resign. The players will no longer represent the country until he does.”

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