Scotland head coach Pedro Martinez Losa revealed he is inspired by his daughter to reach the 2023 World Cup. Scotland is second behind runaway leaders in Spain and qualified for a playoff spot after a 4-0 win over Ukraine. They are set to take on the Faroe Islands in their last group game before the playoffs in October.

“You look to your heart for why you do things. You look to your family and the people you love. I have a four-year-old daughter in London who asks me every single day about me going to Scotland, she is asking to see photos of the team and the games,” Scotland head coach Pedro Martinez Losa said. “She is very excited to come to games and for her daddy to play in a World Cup with Scotland so it (qualification) will mean my whole life because I put 24 hours per day into Scotland, the players and the staff and as a leader of the group that is my obligation. We are excited. To have the opportunity to potentially play in a second World Cup with Scotland, it is our whole life, our whole work, not just about me but the players and staff.”

“In many phases of the game we were very good but we still can do better. Every game we prepare with many details and every game is a journey. The secret of high performance is that in every game we analyze the details, how we can exploit the weaknesses of the opponent, and what kind of game we want to play,” he added. “The team is on the right route but now we have to be more consistent, more concentrated to go to the next level and we can only do it together.”

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